New technologies to narrate compelling stories

Visual Storytelling

Communicate your message through animated videos, motion graphics, augmented and virtual reality.

Game Development

We create delicious homemade games and support other development studios in the production phase.

Sviluppo App

Get in touch with your users and convert them into paying clients with a dedicated app for your business.

We design videogames and apps to give moments of happiness

We create games everyday, following the logics of lean agile development. We produce our games in the shortest time possible and with just the features required for it to be playable and for the user experience to be at accettable level. We then proceed through fast iterations during the whole process.

In this way it’s possible to validate your idea in a short time frame and make it grow thanks to your users’ feedback. We will then perfect the product to make it just what your users want it to be.

Here you can find some of the games and apps we created.

ALLONE – Endless Puzzle Game of Friendship

ALLONE is an endless puzzle game about friendship. Connect as many persons as you can! Save them from harmful and evil people! Meet strong and wise individuals who will help you during your journey.

Flappy Rulers

Flappy Rulers is a balistic infinite runner in which you can play as Kim Jong Un or Donald Trump riding their own nuclear missiles. Spin-off and prequel to House of Rulers.

House of Rulers – Battle Royality Show

House of Rulers is a 2D top-down shooter. Play as Donald Dumb, Nuke-lear Boy, Queer Elizabeth and Pooh-teen in a royal rumble for world domination!

Quick Reboot Pro

Utility app to access all reboot functionalities at once and easily. Root required. Only for Android.

Meet the Team

Vsure Studio is a team of young professionals in the digital field (a programmer, a visual designer and a marketer) who apply their skills in the digital entertainment in every form, especially in that of the videogames. Get to know the members!

Pietro Colantonio

Creative Director

Multidisciplinary digital creative offering a versatile but focused skill-set: a balance between creative and technical qualities with an emphasis on emotional and ironic contents.

I crave order, love all beutiful artistic things and seek harmony between work and life.

Mattia D’Alleva

Lead Programmer

I was born as a hardware technician, but the passion for software and, generally, computer science, pushed me to become a Java developer. Over the years I have gained a great interest in mobile systems, particularry Android becoming a recognized developer on XDA-Developers thanks to the numerous source-built custom ROMs, tools and system modifications published, both autonomously and officially as the Samsung Galaxy S4’s CyanogenMod maintainer.

Siro Toracchio

Product Manager & Online Advertising Specialist

I’m a programmer given to marketing. Being a multipotentialite, i love to design and create Facebook Ads campaigns, to manage products during development and marketing and to create videogames.

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